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PASS Data Community Summit

I’ll be speaking in person this November at the PASS Data Community Summit in Seattle, WA. Hope to see you there!

Performance Tuning Secrets: Learn from My Mistakes

  • Full day Pre-conference session
  • Tuesday, November 14, 2023
  • Seattle, WA, USA

As soon as you begin to learn performance tuning, it’s natural to worry about what you don’t know yet. Performance tuning is often fraught with pitfalls and mistakes: what is touted as a best practice in many scenarios can cause slow-downs and even outages in others.

In this day-long session, Kendra Little will walk you through true-life gotchas, errors, discoveries, and solutions she’s encountered in the course of triaging hundreds of real world performance problems with SQL Server. You’ll learn about how to approach performance questions in a pragmatic fashion using free, open-source tools to identify the root cause of performance problems and how to recommend solutions and configurations for maximum performance.

Whether you’re a beginner or a senior professional working with the SQL Engine, this session will set you up with valuable insights and tips to apply in your own environment.

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Git and GitHub for Database Pros

  • Regular conference session
  • Date TBD (November 15, 16, or 17)
  • Seattle, WA, USA

Want to learn how to use Git and GitHub to help develop and maintain your database code? Git and GitHub are powerful tools that can help you manage your database scripts, schemas, and static data in a version-controlled and collaborative way.

In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage Git and GitHub for database development and deployment purposes, along with why additional tooling is also frequently used to help keep your dev and production databases in sync with version control. You’ll see how to create a repository for your database project, track changes with commits and branches, and collaborate with other developers and DBAs using pull requests and code reviews. You’ll leave this session with a solid foundation of Git and GitHub for database development.

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